Pardon My Absence: Salzburg, Austria


Pardon My Absence: Salzburg, Austria

I’m going on a hiatus for the summer, as you probably have been able to tell since it has been a while since my last post. I am currently exploring and studying abroad in the beautiful land of Salzburg, Austria. During my studies here I am taking a folk art class and a German class. Ich lerne Deutsch in Salzburg. It’s always refreshing to learn something new and to overcome new challenges. However, to be able to learn and enjoy this adventure in such a lovely place in the world is wunderbar! I’m doing my best to keep up with all the races back in America but the time difference causes a little bit of a problem. I’m crossing my fingers that I can somehow figure out a way for me to attend the Formula 1, Austrian Grand Prix in two weeks. Also I want to tour the Red Bull headquarters, I need to look into that info. Both would be an awesome experience. I wish everyone a safe and fabulous summer. Guten Tag, Auf Wiedersehen!!


Why the Month of May Rocks for Racing

            The month of May is approaching fast! You best be getting your race watching gear ready if you haven’t already done so this spring. It is time for the big races. During the month of May IndyCar teams are busy with prepping and tweaking their cars. This hard work and long hours are all for one goal; to be the next Indy 500 winner. It is a great honor to win the Indy 500 race as a driver, forever being immortalized on the Borg-Warner Trophy. This historic race will be running it’s 98th Indianapolis 500 race this year. It’s wonderful that this race has been going on for so long. For it is “the greatest spectacle in racing”. So be sure to set your channel on your TV to the race on Sunday, May 25th, or better yet maybe you are one of the lucky ones who are going to the race.

            Another awesome race during the month of May is a race that I have already talked about on my blog, but I just wanted to share again how much fun and entertaining the race makes for the month of May. On the NASCAR side of things, this race is the Talladega Aaron’s Dream Weekend 499. I have come to realize that most people I talk to about Talladega in general who aren’t race enthusiast connect the racetrack with the movie Talladega nights (a hilarious movie. If you haven’t seen it, go see it pronto). As you find yourself sitting around this month of May, I encourage you to go to a race, even explore local races, and when you can’t go to the race, definitely try watching it on TV.


When You Hear The Word Racecar


When you hear the word racecar, what do you think? What does the average person on the street think? Most of the time I seem to forget that most people I interact with daily may interpret and have different opinions about racing than I do. Born with a deep passion for cars in general, I views cars much more differently than the next person. Matter of fact, today in my public relations class my professor went on a rant of how cars are the worst investment that you will make. He views cars strictly just as a mode of transportation to get you from point A to point B. Cars being a mode of transportation is definitely one of their main purposes but cars are also so much more. The design and engineering marvel of cars and racecars is just enough to be fascinated by.

Through this video I wanted to look further into what your average person thinks of racecars and how they view racing and racing drivers. From talking with my friends, it seems that most people base their perception of racing and racecar drivers from the movies that they have seen. However, racing is so much more than what you just see in the movies. Racing involves true athletes that endure as many g-forces as a fighter pilot during a race, they predict and strategize, calculate and engineer, and sometimes they throw in a little bit of a gamble. Leave below in the comments what you think of when you hear the word racecar or racing.

Working Wednesday

            During this week I can’t help but feel disappointed that I will not be able to attend this year’s Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama IndyCar race at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. During the past three spring semesters while at college here at the University of Alabama, I have been able to go to the Barber race. Unfortunately, this year school is getting in the way. Especially my schoolwork, it seems to get in the way of everything else I rather be doing at the moment. I’m so close! I can see the end of the tunnel because graduation is literally around the corner, as in it is next weekend. Due to this, the final push for finishing up all my final projects and papers is in full force. So while I’ll be watching the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on TV, you best be soaking up some lovely Alabama sun rays and enjoying the soothing sounds of the engines as the IndyCars drive past you.

            But for real, if you have some free time this Sunday and go experience the race at Barber, I guarantee you will have a fun time. Barber is one of the most beautiful racetracks that I have been to. The track has fabulous landscaping and incorporates metal sculptures into their landscaping throughout the Motorsports Park. Also the laidback, family friendly, casual environment, makes for a perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon on an enjoyable spring day. If you make it to the Barber race this weekend, leave comments below of your experience and favorite part of the race!


College Girls’ Take on Race Experiences


I interviewed two students here at the University of Alabama about their past experiences that they have had at races. I wanted to use this topic for my interview because I thought it would be quite interesting to hear two college girls’ opinions about races and experiencing the racetrack atmosphere verses hearing what a college guy had to say. During the video it was discussed how both girls had gone to the races with either their dad or guy friends, but they agreed that if more girls were willing to go to a race, girls would realize that they would like it. While in college, I have run into a tough time trying to persuade my girl friends to come to races with me. How I look at it, they are missing out on a fun, chill weekend activity that is fairly inexpensive. Races are truly the best of two worlds, you get to be outside and at surrounded by cars and engineering marvels at the same time!

How would you get college students interested in to going to races? Especially women? What kind of event and activities during race day do you think would be fun and engaging with the race spectators? How do we get people to loose the typical race stereotypes and to want to experience a race? If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave ideas or discussion topics in the comment box below. Together, let’s show how much fun races can be and why everyone should at least try going to one race during their lifetime!

How To Do a Talladega Race Weekend Right

Here are the must do’s that one should have on their to do list while experiencing a Talladega race weekend. Aaron’s Dream weekend 499 is going to be here before we know it. The countdown is on! Only 11 more days till the race weekend kicks off. With the race fast approaching, I want to make sure you know of the happening spots you should hit up. First off, if you are planning to be at the Talladega Aaron’s Dream Weekend 499, then you’re doing it right. Also for us college students, how can we turn down the fabulous rate of just $19 dollars for a Sunday race ticket, which also allows us to attend other events around the track? I would definitely say if you’re a college student, the Infield Pit Party is a must do while hanging out before the race and even during the race as well. Here are a few other race weekend events you should check out:

-Free Saturday night infield concert with Randy Houser!

  • (For all Sunday ticket holders (Show your Sunday ticket at the gate)) Concert festivities start at 7:30pm

 -Walk down Talladega Blvd during the day and night to meet and party with other racing fans

 -Stop by Ole Smoky’s Shine Shack on Talladega Blvd (Official Moonshine of Talladega!) Brave enough to try White Lightening?

  • Saturday 12:00pm to 2:00am
  • Sunday 8:00am to 12:00pm

 -College Infield Pit Party (#RushTheInfield)

  • Must have valid student ID
  • Free food and drinks (alcohol available upon purchase)
  • DJ and Live Band
  • Driver and celebrity appearances
  • Tailgate games
  • Prizes and swag

 -Sprint Cup Driver Introductions on the track at 11:30am on Sunday

 -Race time! NASCAR Sprint Cup Aaron’s 499 12:00pm on Sunday

  • (188 Laps)


Not Your Typical Race Fan


             What comes to mind when thinking of a girly-girl from San Antonio Texas with a background in cheerleading, music, and art? Well, it’s definitely not a passion for cars, auto racing, and Talladega. But to my friends and family, that’s exactly me. I developed this love and passion for cars and racing as a young girl. I’m currently a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in Business and Management in Automotive Racing. At a young age, I decided I wanted to try to make a career out of my passion for racing. Growing up, I attended several races from other race series but had yet to attend a NASCAR race until last spring during Talladega’s Aaron’s Dream Weekend. Not knowing what to expect of a NASCAR race, of course the stereotypes of the typical NASCAR fan popped right into my mind. Let’s just say the typical, clichéd NASCAR fan probably wouldn’t be my best friend. But that’s definitely not what the Talladega experience is like. As soon as I arrived at Talladega, I quickly came to find that the Superspeedway is a down-to-earth race venue, which is a great place to go if you’re looking to hang out with good people and have a fun time.

            Also, if you are a racecar enthusiast like me, the passion for racing is far from short at the track. During the race weekend, I explored the infamous infield and the main strip called Talladega Boulevard. The Boulevard is definitely the place to hangout. I met so many people from multiple states that have made the Talladega race a tradition to come to with friends and family every year. Last spring when I was at the race, the Superspeedway held a competition for the best decorated campsite on Talladega Boulevard. It was crazy to see how creative and inventive people could be with their campsites. Also during the day, people were busy cooking up all sorts of delicious food at their campsites. I met an entertaining group of people from Louisiana that invited us over to try their gumbo. It was so yummy and some of the best gumbo I’ve had. One campsite even brought in a mechanical bull! Later that night, I got to walk around and see Danica Patrick award the trophy to the winning campsite. It was awesome to get to see Danica interacting and just chilling with fans on the Boulevard. For someone who has never been to Talladega before, I could probably best describe Talladega Boulevard to be the Alabama version of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. There’s always a fun time happening there during the race weekend.

            Looking for something to do with your college friends the weekend of May 2-4? You and your friends should definitely come experience Talladega’s Aaron’s Dream Weekend! What’s better than a weekend filled with racing, music, food, and friends?